About Xima Software

Data is king, and we know it. Xima Software was formed by former Avaya Business Partner IP Office engineers and tech support personnel, who for years heard the telephony industry ask for inexpensive, accurate, and easy-to-use reporting on their phone calls. They needed a reporting suite that would take minutes to install, not hours. A reporting suite that would show the details of every event that happened on a call instead of just a vague summary. A reporting suite that would report on all users, groups, and trunks without licensing headaches.

With those principles in mind, they developed Chronicall which has true cradle to grave reporting from when the call comes in to when it is disconnected (and everything in between).

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What employees say

“That we live them. We truly believe in our values and live them. Our ethics are also world class as we hire people who share our ethical values. ”
“Xima is a great place to work; everyone seems very happy to be here. The pay is above average pretty much across the board.”
“The culture, the competitive pay, and the benefits. ”
“They really care about each individual at Xima, and they want each individual to be successful, not just at Xima but in their personal lives as well.”
“I am surrounded by incredibly hard working, intelligent people. I am appreciated and given room to be great.”
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