About TruHearing, Inc.

TruHearing helps people with hearing loss get hearing aids they wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. Although over 38 million Americans have treatable hearing loss, only about 20% get hearing aids. The biggest reason they don’t seek help is the high cost. Hearing aids cost an average of $2,300 each, which is too expensive for most people. TruHearing helps people afford hearing aids by working with health insurance companies, hearing aid manufacturers, and healthcare professionals to bring down the price by 30-60%. As a result, many more people can afford hearing aid through our program, which positively affects all aspects of their lives.

Essentially, we put hearing aids on ears and smiles on faces.

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What employees say

“Ethical company that cares about making the offering a win-win for all entities involved - members, health plans, providers, employees and manufacturers. ”
“I feel like I'm empowered to do my job. ”
“I feel valued and appreciated. ”
“The pay, the job style, and the benefits. ”
“The people are very friendly. All of the managers are approachable. Everyone is very close and we all encourage each other to do our best.”
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