About Sirsi Corporation

At SirsiDynix, we make software for libraries. Libraries buy books from vendors, keep track of the books in their systems, and distribute the books to library users. The software we build helps them do that (and a lot more). We make products that: o Give libraries the power of cloud computing o Make it easy for library users to check out ebooks o Let libraries use new technology like tablets and smartphones o Make searching the library as easy as searching Google or Amazon o Give libraries innovative ways to increase budgets by offering new services We help more than 23,000 libraries answer the questions posed by new technology and changes in society.

What employees say

“The opportunity to make a difference at the company and in the industry.”
“I have a good balance of work life to personal life. The culture of the office is relaxed and comfortable.”
“It is challenging and I learn something new every day.”
“People are valued and treated with incredible respect and consideration.”
“The atmosphere and the people are great.”
Where to find Sirsi Corporation