About Finicity Corporation

Finicity is an award-winning fintech company creating innovation through its modern RESTful API, Finicity platform and its consumer application, Mvelopes. With over 16,000 developed bank integrations, Finicity allows consumers to access their data for software applications in areas like financial management, online lending, investing and payments. Finicity has a three-fold mission to democratize financial data, improve financial data access security and help consumers better manage their personal finances. Finicity sets the bar with its Mvelopes program that combines a budgeting app, educational resources and financial coaching which helps consumers reach their financial goals.

As one of the Salt Lake City area's top workplaces, Finicity encourages creativity and innovative thinking among its employees, creating a culture that allows big ideas to be brought to life.

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What employees say

“We have a mission to help people improve their personal finances. We work well together as a team and support each other. People really care about each other.”
“The work place environment. ”
“Finicity is providing wonderful service that improves people's lives and helps them accomplish their financial dreams and goals.”
“It is a great place to work and an ethical environment that is second to none.”
“It's fun and flexible.”
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