About SAVO Group

Founded in 1999, SAVO is a leading provider of cloud-based sales enablement technology and consulting solutions. SAVO's on-demand sales enablement platform maximizes the sales organization's ability to communicate value and differentiation in clear, consistent and compelling ways. Combining proven sales and marketing best practices with award-winning technology, SAVO addresses all aspects of the sales enablement challenge — spanning people, process, insight and technology. For more information, visit www.savogroup.com

What employees say

“I have the opportunities to be creative and go beyond my normal job functions and responsibilities, which is also encouraged by my team and manager.”
“I'm surrounded by people who really care about my role and the difference I'm trying to make. ”
“The amazing community involvement, the people, the atmosphere and the work we do.”
“The level of care and value that the company sees in the employees. They definitely care A LOT! More than any job I've ever experienced.”
“The values and ethics of the company are represented by the acts of the employees and their strong desire to be part of something special.”
“Our employees are so smart and talented, and the company gives us the freedom to express our individuality, our ideas and talents.”
Where to find SAVO Group