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Chicago Tribune Top Workplaces 2010
Marketing Werks Inc.

Employees in region:
Advertising & Marketing
HQ location:
Chicago, IL

Top Workplace

About Marketing Werks Inc.

Experiential Marketing is what we're all about. We specialize in one thing: making brands real and relevant in the world of today's consumers. We're experts on the changing nature of consumers. We understand when and where they are most receptive to human/brand contact. Our mission is to deliver unparalleled service for our clients. To create unique experiences for consumers. To show our passion for great ideas and great work every day.

What employees say

“The overall attitude and atmosphere of the company is extremely positive and spreads throughout.”
“I am given a lot of freedom to try new things and take chances on the business I manage, which has given me the opportunity to learn from our success and challenges along the way.”
“I feel as though they would never ask me to do anything they wouldn't do themselves. They are all very approachable.”
“It offers flexibility and the management really treat us well. We have good benefits and, most importantly, I work in a positive and fun atmosphere. ”
“It seems there are so many opportunities for growth, and really great clients. ”
“My bosses let me manage things how I feel they should be managed. The work environment and ethic here is awesome!”
Where to find Marketing Werks Inc.